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CSR & Sustainability

CSR & Sustainability

Dubai Economy is responsible for setting and managing the economic agenda for the Emirate of Dubai in the UAE. It is concerned with creating conditions as well as appropriate and favourable opportunities for economic growth. It provides support for Dubai’s organisational transformation into a diversified and creative economy whose goal is to improve the business environment and enhance levels of productivity growth.

Along with its agencies, Dubai Economy works to develop economic plans and policies, enhance the competitive capacity to attract foreign investment, support export, facilitate business and entrepreneurship, and provide services to all local and international businessmen and companies. Dubai Economy is the first reference for all data related to the emirate’s economy.

In the pursuit of simplifying basic services for business registration transactions in various economic sectors, Dubai Economy enforces organised business operations, and protects trademarks. Another key focus area is facilitating economic policy development by enhancing the business environment, providing accurate forecasts, and comprehensive analysis of civil society and the business community, which must be aware of the potential risks to sustainability.

Dubai Economy’s comprehensive strategic approach nurtures Dubai Government’s vision to enhance its leadership in improving the path of the economic well-being, prosperity, and happiness of citizens and residents alike. It also helps enhance the sustainability of customers and suppliers as well as enhance sustainability in its own operations. DED’s strong commitment to business ethics and corporate social responsibility, which is evident in its vision, mission and values, is a fundamental pillar and supporter in implementing this strategic approach.


As part of its business activities, DED fulfills its social responsibility and sustainability by participating in the sustainable development process of society as a whole by providing high added value to customers, partners, the environment, society and employees. The department strives to balance the values of the department and society. Hence a strategy for sustainability and social responsibility has been developed in Dubai Economy with policies implemented to serve this purpose.

DED has also identified the core values for its business managements follows:
•    Transparency
•    Loyalty
•    Cooperation
•    Positivity
•    Accountability
•    Innovation
•    Sustainability

Our goal is to contribute positively to the long-term status of Dubai and the UAE

Dubai Economy is committed to contributing towards the development of the national economy and enhancing the benefits to the communities in which it operates by focusing on CSR initiatives and sustainability. Our initiatives help support our customers, our local community and the environment, and help us develop sustainable business to deliver high value to our strategic partners.

DED plays an active role in community development by participating in several initiatives identified within five pillars linked to key issues of sustainability for DED and leadership sources such as:
•    Priorities for UAE Vision 2021 and Dubai Plan 2021
•    Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
•    8 principles of Governance as detailed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE, and Ruler of Dubai
•    Best practice international examples from the industry

The pillars were classified as follows:


DED aims to provide all the essential services and frameworks to enhance Dubai's competitiveness in the global economy.

In this spirit, DED promotes entrepreneurship by supporting startups and young businesses. This also ensures that Dubai continues to be a center for innovation by strengthening institutional frameworks and discouraging anti-competitive behavior, allowing companies to be ser-up with ease and efficiently. Companies are also supported through the provision of high-quality technology and infrastructure. The Department is looking at the development of internal studies and with other government entities on the Dubai Smart Initiative, the Green Economy Initiative and Dubai Paper Free Strategy 2021. Supporting Dubai's position in innovation leadership and competitiveness


Ensuring economic success for public and private businesses in Dubai through sustainable and diversified opportunities Sustainable Economic growth is founded on economic, environmental and social resilience and positive impact. To achieve its commitment towards Dubai’s long-term success, DED will help Dubai achieve its sustainability visions through public and private businesses. It will work to create a motivating investment climate to attract FDI’s, and also support local SME’s and entrepreneurs through various policies and capacity building measures. DED will encourage the set-up of enterprises that have a strong and substantial social and environmental impact – thus helping Dubai to diversify its economy and also meet its sustainability targets. So, an important pillar is sustainable economic growth without exhausting resources or creating environmental and social problems for future generations


DED aims to meet the social/cultural, economic, and environmental needs of Dubai’s current and future residents. DED is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen by driving positive and sustainable change for the community of Dubai. It aims to achieve this by implementing a strategy that considers economic investments in UAE’s social development. DED’s community development strategy will also focus heavily on engaging with the youth (men and women alike of Dubai to create a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation at an early age. DED will also support young talent through scholarships.


DED strives at maintaining high workplace standards to attract and retain the best talent and be an employer of choice. DED aims to create a workplace environment that is engaging, diverse and considerate of people with various needs. It will continue to provide first-rate opportunities for the career development of UAE Nationals, and offer excellent professional training opportunities and personal development platforms. Employee engagement will continue to be an important aspect of DED’s workplace. It will place strong emphasis on gender equity and work to empower women in the workforce. DED will aim to create policies and processes to ensure that every employee’s voice is heard, and that a strong grievance system and whistle-blowing mechanism is in place to protect all its employees and is also extended to contracted labourers and workers.


To uphold environmental, human rights and anti-corruption values across all aspects of operations
Responsible and efficient operations will be at the heart of DED. It will endeavour to reduce its environmental footprint through a range of measures, foremost being that of digitisation. This will be accompanied by procedures to tackle material consumption, water consumption, wastes and pollution. DED will also measure and monitor its carbon footprint and address issues related to energy consumption, transport, and the green design of its workplace. DED will focus on adherence to human and labour rights issues to ensure that it continues to set a high standard for Dubai. DED will continue to improve its practices as per the DGEP, and extend the same to customers, suppliers, employees and contractual workers. A key aspect for DED will be to expand the boundary of its influence and ensure the environmental and social compliance of its value chain – encourage its customers and suppliers to also be responsible corporate citizens.

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