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Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Our Vision

Dubai to become a pivotal hub in the global economy

Our Motto

Be the engine behind Dubai’s economy 

Our Mission

Develop, regulate and promote the sustainable growth of Dubai’s economy

Our Values

  • Transparency
  • Loyalty    
  • Cooperation
  • Positivity
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
Strategic Pillars Description
Economic Growth Focusing on providing the infrastructure and support to various stakeholders and business sectors in order to have a prosperous resilient sustainable growth in the economy of Dubai. This includes supporting local and foreign investors and businesses, to ensure the growth of SMEs. As well as developing the industrial and exporting sectors
Economic competitiveness Focusing on supporting the Dubai Government in achieving its competitiveness vision of becoming a pivotal hub in global economy, by advancing through the global economic indicators, as well as city scale indicators
Business community Happiness The pillar aligns with ensuring the presence of a business regulatory framework that supports businesses whether they are small startups or large corporations as well as ensuring that these businesses abide to the laws set by the Dubai Government.
Economic foresight & planning The focus in this pillar revolves around future shaping in order to plan and build a sustainable economy for Dubai. The prioritization happens through anticipation of future challenges & opportunities in order to plan accordingly with coordination with private and public sector partners, hence driving a healthy business sustainability in the emirate.
Advance DED This pillar is to improve the internal function within DED, as well as ensuring the increase of the effectiveness and efficiency of our efforts to ensure achieving our strategic objectives. As well as having more unity and working as one organization while ensuring that, a governance framework is present to provide high quality product.
Financial sustainability

This pillar focuses on the efficient utilization of financial resources while ensure effective implementations and achievement of results, as well as the development of revenue streams and diversification.

Dubai DED strategy
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