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Working Hours: Sun – Sat, 7:30 am – 10:00pm
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Issue Trade License

  1. Obtaining the initial approval (Emirates Identity Card or Unified Identity Number)
  2. Trade name reservation
  3. Obtaining activity approval from the other entities if required.
  4. Obtaining the memorandum of association based on the legal type.
  5. Obtaining a service agent contract for professional licenses
  6. Tenancy contract issued by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency.
  • Initial approval
  • (Freehold) The local service agent became optional in the license
  • Emirates ID Copy and Passport Copy of the company's manager and local service agent
  • Approval of other government entities based on the activity
  • The decision of the Board of Directors to open a branch and appoint a manager
  • Approval of the Ministry of Economy
  • A copy of the memorandum of association and the commercial registry attested by the UAE embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Initial approval
  • Trade name reservation
  • A copy of the identity card or Unified number
  • A copy of the responsible manager's Emirates ID or Unified number
  • A copy of the license of the parent company located in the other emirate (valid)
  • The approval of other government entities (if any, according to the activity)
  • The decision of the Board of Directors to open a branch, and appoint a manager
  • A copy of the Memorandum of Association and the Commerce Registry
  • Approval of Ministry of Economy
  1. It is required to obtain a trade name that contains "Holding" 50 million and its legal form is LLC
  2. The customer has the right to use the word “group” in the trade name if the activity was Investment and Corporate Management Services (if he has 5 licenses or more).
  3. The trade name can differ from the company name in the case of investment and partnership companies.
  4. The customer may use a trade name or trademark on the shop signboard after getting the permit.
  5. It is not permitted for the branches of companies to own a trade name in Dubai that differs from the trade name in the country of origin, whether it is local / Gulf / free zone / foreign
  6. Reserving the names of countries or capitals requires the approval of the embassies of the concerned countries.
  7. The trade name can be reserved through the Invest in Dubai platform, or by visiting the service centers.
  • The sole proprietorship is owned by a one person only.
  • The minimum number of partners for the limited liability company is 2 and the maximum number is 50.
  • The civil works and the partnership companies are composed of 2 or more partners.
  • The private joint-stock company doesn’t include less than 3 founders.
  • The public joint-stock company offers its shares for subscription and has unlimited number of partners.
If the   person owns a commercial license then he is authorized to sell his products   using his car if he obtained an approval from the Roads and Transport   Authority and other authorities concerned with the activity.
The general trade activity includes the trade of all types of goods, products and merchandise mentioned in detail in the trade category of the Activities Classification Guide, except for those that require approvals from other entities. It is possible to practice trading all types of goods, products and merchandise mentioned in detail in the trade category of the Activities Classification Guide, except for those that require approvals from other entities.
Sole proprietorship, civil works company, limited liability company, partnership company, public shareholding company, private shareholding company, government liaison office, representative office, branch of a local company,  branch of a foreign company, branch of a free zone company and one person company (LLC).

Renew Trade License

The license can be renewed automatically by sending a message with the license number to the number 6969. You will receive a payment voucher, which you can pay through the link which you will get on the SMS, or you can visit one of the service centers.
It is also possible to apply for license renewal through the Invest in Dubai platform, you have to log in by using a UAE Pass account.
Or you can apply for the renewal through one of the service centers.

Cancel Trade License

Please note that you need to visit a Service Center to apply for trade license cancellation transaction.

De-registration of a commercial company applies to all legal forms of commercial companies which expired less than two years ago:

First stage:

  • Minutes of the general assembly meeting approving the company liquidation and appointing the liquidator provided that the liquidator’s name shall be specified therein and the Minutes shall be notarized by a notary public.
  • A letter from the liquidator accepting his role as the company’s liquidator along with the liquidator’s documents: (copy of the license, the accountant’s registration certificate, signature specimen notarized by a notary public).
  • Payment of AED 520 to obtain a certificate on the company dissolution and appointment of the liquidator, with the consent of the legal consultant.
  • Advertisement in two Arabic newspapers for one day only provided that the advertisement shall allow creditors a period of 45 days following the advertisement date to submit their requests. (The liquidator shall carry out the advertisement)

Final stage:

  • The original newspapers containing the advertisement and the company's final report shall be submitted.
  • A declaration from the liquidator and the shareholders that no objection is made by any other entity within a period of 45 days following the advertisement date.
  • The employees’ resident visas on the license shall be canceled. However, there is no need to provide a document from MOHRE to testify that there are no employees on the license. The information shown on the common system with the Department is sufficient. A copy of the minutes of the assembly meeting and a copy of the dissolution certificate.
  • Approval of the cancelation shall be obtained from third-party entities in case the business activity so requires.
  • Payment of the AED 3020 as final fees.

Stage One:

  • A copy of the trade license
  • The supporting documents (that the shareholder has been outside the UAE for more than 6 months, or that the shareholder’s whereabout can’t be identified) shall be obtained from GDRFA.
  • The Establishment Card shall be cancelled with the Ministry of Labor.
  • Declaration and undertaking signed by the shareholders that there are no liabilities on the company and that they shall assume full responsibility for the correctness thereof.
  • An Advertisement in an Arabic newspaper for one day only provided that the advertisement shall allow creditors a period of 15 days following the advertisement publication date.
  • Payment of AED 520 to obtain the company's dissolution certificate.

Stage Two:

  • The original newspapers containing the advertisement shall be submitted.
  • Payment of AED 3,020 to obtain the license cancellation certificate.
  1. The employees’ resident visas, if any, on the license shall be cancelled. However, there is no need to provide a document from MOHRE to testify that there are no employees on the license.
  2. The approval of the governmental entities regulating the business activity shall be obtained.
  3. A partnership dissolution document shall be prepared and notarized with a notary public or a state court (for civil companies).
  4. The above documents shall be submitted through the channels of applying for the license cancellation service and obtaining a trade license cancellation certificate.
  5. Transaction fees of AED 1,020 (inclusive of advertising fees).

Commercial Permit

The commercial permits section issues the following permits:
Print advertisements/flyers, self-service machines (ATM), counters and kiosks, conferences and exhibitions, additional working hours, promotional campaigns, additional offices, liquidation, discounts, special offers, signboards, composite activities.

An explanatory letter that explains the type of permit required and details.
The letter has to be on company letterhead, stamped, and signed by the company management.

Homes, putting them on the glass of the cars, posting on the walls, and distributing them to people on streets.

The fees differ according to the type of the permit and the specified period of promotion campaigns. (For more information please review the guidebook of commercial permits procedures).

For small campaigns, their duration is only one month, and they can be extended by doubling the fees. As for medium or large campaigns, the maximum period of them is only two months.

Yes through its distributor or its representative in Dubai.

Dubai   DED has organized the extra working hours according to the activities. Coffee   shops shall operate till 2:00 am only, whereas grocery stores, restaurants,   and cafeterias can be granted a permit to operate till 3:00 am if they were   located in the main road and not in residential areas.
Yes,   but it is required to hold a special draw for the participants in Dubai, and   another draw outside Dubai in the presence of Dubai DED’s delegate to   supervise the draw process.

Dubai Quality Award

"The award has many benefits, one of which is that it offers organisations the opportunity benchmark themselves against internationally recognised criteria by fully trained assessors of the award.
Applicant organisations shall benefit from the synergy and teamwork involved in preparing the submission document. Applicants also receive an independent feedback report on strengths and areas for improvement.
Thus, the main benefits to applicant organisations are gained at the early stage of the self-assessment and the data compilation stage, not at the award ceremony stage."

No, all organisations operating in UAE are eligible for the award irrespective of industry and sector, including public sector organisations. Very small organisations may find difficulty in fulfilling some criteria of the award, however, the award secretariat is studying the possibility of establishing a new set of criteria for organisations of less than 50 employees.

Yes, if your definition of winning is to learn and develop. However, if winning is about winning a trophy, then this type of winning is reserved for role model organisations in their field. Our experience shows that most organisations that embark on this journey will eventually be recognised.

Absolutely, as confidentiality is the most important critical success factors of the Dubai Quality Award. Without them, the credibility of the award will be in question. Dubai Quality Award Secretariat will never divulge any information about companies that participate and do not win. All our assessors are bound by confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement with the Dubai Economic Department before they even see the submission documents. Assessors are not allowed to accept any benefits whatsoever from the applicant organisations they assess, including offers of employment, consultancy work and contracted work.

The award office ensures that confidentiality and impartiality is maintained throughout the assessment process. The office is also concerned with the quality of assessment conducted by the assessors. Above all, the award office is concerned with reviewing, maintaining and updating the criteria.

To become assessor of the award all assessors must successfully complete the training requirement. To apply to become assessor of the award contact the award office for details. Generally assessors need to have strong management, quality, human resource, or finance experience. Special preference is given to people who work in organisations that are already interested in embracing the excellence criteria of the Dubai Quality Award, as well as UAE Nationals and bi-lingual assessors.

A team of 4-5 assessors are assigned to assess each organisation. They will be lead by a senior assessor. They assess each submission individually and then meet as a team for the consensus, where they consolidate a set of consensus strengths; areas for improvement and site visit issues. The site visit issues will then be converted into questions that will be asked during the site visits. Most applicants will usually be site visited, as the site visit will be beneficial to the assessors and applicants alike. After the site visit a detailed feedback report is generated by the team with a final score which is sent to the Award office for final evaluation and review by the panel of Jury members who decide on the winners for that cycle.

The best time to Apply is now, because the sooner you apply, the sooner your organisation will benefit from the valuable feedback report you shall receive at the end of the cycle. The registration process is simple and does not commit you until you are ready to submit your document. However, when you register your interest with the Dubai Quality Award Office, you will be kept informed of all the workshops, seminars and conferences hosted by the Dubai Quality Award Secretariat. All of our events are free of charge, especially the ones that are designed to help organisations to participate in Dubai Quality Award.

In addition to the Dubai Quality Award Category, there are the Gold and Appreciation Program categories. While all new applicants can apply for the Appreciation category, the Gold category is reserved for past winners of the Dubai Quality Award

Beneficial Owner

The acknowledgment must be submitted by the company’s legal representative, such as, at least, one of the directors.
All companies registered in the UAE, including the free zones, are subject to the registration procedures with the Beneficial Owner data, with the exception of Public Shareholding companies and companies owned 100% by federal or local government agencies or companies affiliated with companies owned 100% by the UAE as well.
The Beneficial Owner must be registered in all types of licenses.
All commercial license holders must be registered with the Commercial Registry of the Department of Economic Development, regardless of the legal form of the company.
With regard to the natural person, it is necessary to provide the concerned authority with a copy of the passport or the Emirates ID of the citizens of the UAE; as for the legal person registered in the UAE, the concerned authority must be provided with the statute of the company. The foreign company must also provide the concerned authority with the name of the legal representative and provide proof of that. The company must keep a record of the Beneficial Owner that includes his personal data, place of residence, address, nationality and all data such as e-mail, contact numbers and other information that have been mentioned in the Cabinet Decision No. (58) of 2020.
It is not necessary for the Beneficial Owner to own shares in the company or contribute to the capital, as he/she can be the natural person who occupies a senior management position (controlling the company’s decisions) in the event that the Beneficial Owner cannot be determined as required.
Yes, the amendment may be made via the electronic fields prepared by the concerned authority in advance for this purpose.
Yes, the amendment may be made via the electronic fields prepared by the concerned authority in advance for this purpose.
There is no stipulation in the law that specifies a specific age for the Beneficial Owner.
This is not possible, as the Beneficial Owner is the person who controls the company or group of companies, or who owns 25% of the company.

The Beneficial Owner is the one who actually controls the company whether in the country of origin or registered in the UAE.

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